ExfoliMATE® 2.0 POCKET | Green

Magic Exfoliating Shower Cloth

Why You´ll Love It

See ya later, alligator skin! ExfoliMATE 2.0 POCKET will make flaky, blemished, dry, and aging skin a thing of the past. Now, you can reveal fresh youthful skin with our super-effective exfoliating shower cloth made specifically for the body, including hard to clean places like your back, buttocks, arms, and shoulders. This magic wash cloth is our latest version of our famous ExfoliMATE original that polishes skin to perfection with microdermabrasion effect, now with a pocket and customer favorite dimensions. Because of the foam boosting loofah-loops you won't need to use as much soap to get a rich lather. Not to mention, an awesome pocket that fits a hand or a bar of soap. You can even roll the cloth up into the pocket to scrub yourself smooth. It is the perfect clear skin accessory for after workouts and sports. The gentle exfoliation preps your skin for any medicine or treatment products that you may want to apply after (acne body spray, acne serum, spot treatment solution, spray tan etc). Your total body hygiene and beauty regimen is not complete without ExfoliMATE 2.0 POCKET. Once you try it, you won't go back to wash cloths again!

Great for body acne, dry, dull skin. and aging skin. Works well with Butt Acne Clearing Lotion.

  • I Polish Skin to Perfection
  • I Clear Follicles for the Ultimate Clean Feeling
  • I Reach Tough Spots
  • I Exfoliate to Help Control Breakouts by Removing Dead Skin and Bacteria
  • I Prep for Sunless and Self-Tanning
  • I Make Tired & Aging Skin Appear Instantly Revitalized
  • I Increase Lather to Make Body Wash & Soap Last Longer



Exfoliation is the key to a healthy complexion and a youthful glow. Exfolimate creates fun, simple, and supremely effective tools for sloughing skin & starting fresh.


ExfoliMATE 2.0 POCKET has limitless scrubbing potential!
+ Rinse before first use.
+ Place a small amount of body wash or soap on the cloth with water & lather
+ For hard to reach areas, take the opposite ends in each hand and scrub back-and-forth from different angles.
+ For precision scrubbing, place your hand inside the pocket and buff from both sides.
+ Follow with moisturizer for super soft & touchable skin.
+ Machine wash normal, no bleach.
+ Air dry, do not iron.

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