Infinity Body Polisher | Premium Tanning Prep

Why You´ll Love It

I'm a game changer! I am a designer inspired Body Polisher who will make you break-up with your loofah. So luxurious and effective, my patented shape can be used as a ball, mitt, or scarf, with or without soap. So what are you waiting for? Let's Shower Together!
  • 360 degrees of head-to-toe scrubbing potential
  • Unique soft mesh completely exfoliates without creating mirco-tears
  • Smooth + Prep your body for effortless and even application of sunless tanner
  • Accelerates cell turnover to reveal fresh youthful skin
  • Designer inspired exfoliating accessory looks great in any shower


We are science-backed plant-based tanning revolution that will change the way you sunless tan forever. Our years of research mean that every inch of your tan is going to be high quality, non-toxic, and deliciously bronzing. Most sunless tanners use synthetic dyes. Don’t we all deserve better? That is why we created a clean antioxidant-rich formula that we call A TAN WITH BENEFITS®. Did we mention that our, uh hum, “patent pending” INFINITY BODY POLISHER might change your life? We invite you to THINK DIRTY & TAN CLEAN®.

Company Beliefs:
We believe in making life and beauty more fun and less complicated.
We believe a good tan can boost your confidence and change your life.
We believe that everyone should have healthy non-toxic products that really work.
We believe beauty is nothing without brains.
We believe in a culture of empowerment where everyone can sparkle.
We believe in spreading good vibes.

Prep: Use the Infinity Body Polisher to expertly exfoliate your body from head-to-toe (wherever you will apply self-tan).

Tan: Apply CLEANTAN, A Tan With Benefits, Quickie Concentrate to healthfully darken your skin.

Ultra Dark Tan: First, apply body oil to the skin. Then apply undiluted CLEANTAN concentrate on the skin.

Gradual Tan: Start by adding a few drops to your daily moisturizer, repeat daily until the desired color is reached.

TIP: Experiment with the amount of CLEANTAN Quickie Concentrate, and don't be afraid, you will never get orange or smelly. Remember to wash your hands!

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